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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Night Night

PARIS, PAris, Pari...., Pa....,P....... :(

The next day i step into Paris is the day im going to be gone because The moment when i get out of that door means i will never come back and everything that i learned from Paris is going the gone and i dont want that, Thats why i need to do some stuff (If you know what i mean) to not get kicked out Paris. My goal i to read more and every time im in a coffe shop im going to make sure that i ask for the right cup of coffe all the good stuff and drink it Black cause if i put milk or sugar they would think im a Tourist cause that is what tourists do, and what other thing i can do? oh i know being on Mrs. Nelson good side cause he has a beard and i get killed by that beard, and im scared of him, so one day i will stop being a tourist and not be scared

Sunday, December 9, 2012




Stadium overcrowded by hooligans and fans
Cheering, waving flags, and clapping their hands

Players on the field, they’re ready to start
There goes the whistle; it pumps up their hearts

Adding strength to the ball, and kicking it high
The ball travels overhead, how beautiful it can fly

Over center field, and still it goes strong
Pass received with ease, and the player runs long

There he goes, for his opponent’s goal
He dribbles through each player; he’s on a roll

He takes the shot, and curves it by                     <-------------------- best part
The keeper dives for it, far and high

The goalie misses it; the ball’s in the net
There’s a moment of silence, and no regrets

The winners jump for joy, that win was a must
Opponents, heads tilt down low, they leave in disgust

A player’s life fulfilled is playing world class,
To be playing all year long on the rich green grass

Play with heart, that’s the real answer
Of how to play the true game of soccer.

I just love this poam cause is about soccer

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mom & Child

theres nothing compare to mamas love...

Mormon Sunday Morning

Mormon 1: Wake up we are going to be late to church
Mormon 2: Noooooooo, screw you, I dont wanna get up
Mormon 1: What Would Jesus do?
Mormon 2: Shut up!!!!! dont bring Big J into this
Mormon 1: Well, do what you heart tells you to do, tell me.... what is it?
Mormon 2: ok, ok but im leaving after sacrament.
Mormon 2: There is a football game, i dont wanna miss yoooo
Mormon 1: you are going to go to HECK!!!!!!! yeah you heard me HECK
Mormon 2: WOW! easy there mister no swearing
Mormon 1: I dont swear.....
Mormon 2: ok
Mormon 1: ok? you are so annoying
Mormon 2: Come at me bro!!!!!
Mormon 1: Bring it on
Mormon 2: Lets pray about it
Mormon 1: okay lets do it....

Sunday, November 25, 2012


sunsets are pretty good and they show alot of things 
the way i see it
but of course don't mind my thoughts.
take or leave it, go for the best....